C/C++ Programming

C and C++ are popular programming languages used for a wide range of applications, including system-level programming, embedded systems, and high-performance computing. Training in C/C++ programming typically covers several key areas.

Firstly, students are taught the basic syntax of the language, including variables, data types, control structures, functions, arrays, and pointers. They learn how to write simple programs and build up their skills by completing programming exercises and projects.


Another key area of training in C/C++ programming is object-oriented programming (OOP). C++ is an object-oriented programming language, and students must learn the concepts of classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. OOP is important for building complex programs and creating reusable code.

Memory management is another critical area of training in C/C++ programming. Both languages require manual memory management, which means that programmers must allocate and deallocate memory themselves. Students learn about dynamic memory allocation and deallocation using malloc, calloc, and free in C and new and delete in C++.

Overall, this training provides students with a solid foundation for building robust and efficient programs.

Course Curriculum


  • Use of C/C++ in real-world applications
  • Projects involving data structures, algorithms, and programming techniques
  • Debugging and optimization techniques
  • Code optimization and profiling
  • C++11 and C++14 features
  • Graphics and game programming using C/C++
  • Networking and socket programming
  • Interfacing with hardware and embedded systems

Why CyberCure?

Our Training is based on 70% of practical and

Hands on Session and 30% of theory.


We offer online batches for the students who cannot come to or training centers. This allow candidates to attend training from their location

Renowned Certifications

We offer online exam on specially designed smart Exam Portals, that assesses the candidates for knowledge and skills, and then we certify

Guaranteed Placement

We have 100% Placement Record, we train candidates with such a skill, that they are Industry ready for Artificial Intelligence

Regular Program

Classes: Weekdays
New Batch: Every Week
Total Duration: 4 Months
Internship: 3 Months
Class Duration: 2 hours/day
Mode: Online Live/ Offline Live

Weekend Program

Classes: Weekend(Saturday & Sunday)
New Batch: Every Week
Duration: 40 hrs ( 4 Week ends)
Class Duration: 4 hours/day
Mode: Online Live/ Offline Live

Bootcamp Program

Classes: Weekdays
New Batch: Every Week
Duration: 40 hrs (5 Days)
Class Duration: 8 hours/day
Mode: Online Live/ Offline Live

What will a Candidate get?


Candidates clearing exam with more than 70% marks will be awarded with EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council.


Each candidate will get access to online portal for toolkit containing tools used during the training and other supporting software.


Candidates will be provided with a Information Security E-Books on portal containing tutorials of the contents of the training.


As a leader in Cyber Security CyberCure provides real-world impact and work experience to candidates through internship programs.

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Excited about joining our program?

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