CyberCure DIY: Advance Robotics Kit for Wireless Bots


Ideal Gift for Kids of Age 10 Years and Above, Kids can easily learn how to make a Android controlled Wireless Toy car.

Best and Easy to assemble Robotics kit for Curious Learners. You can make more that 10 Robotics Project using this KIT.

Note: Material in kit can differ in size, color or shape. Image for Illustration Purposes only!


This kit can be used for multiple robotics projects like:

Computer controlled Bot
Mobile Controlled Bot
Bluetooth Controlled Bot

Kit Contains:

S.No Component Quantity
1 Chassis 1
2 Wheels 2
3 Caster Wheel 1
4 Pack of Fittings 1
5 Screw Driver 1
6 Motor 2
7 Arduino Nano 1
8 Jumper Cables 15
9 HC-05 Bluetooth Module 1
10 9v Batteries 2
11 L293D Motor Driver Module 1
12 Link to Mobile App 1
13 Manual with Arduino code and How to use 1



Additional information

Weight .25 kg


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