Robotics & IoT Training


Robotics Embedded system and IoT is 40 Hours Extensive Training Program that can exponentially increase your skill sets. Modules like Nanotechnology, Mechatronics, Bio-engineering, Electronics, and Computer science, etc. are covered.

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Robotics is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that deals with the design, construction and operation of robots and is also used to control, and perform sensory feedback with information processing with the help of computer systems. It involves the study of various disciplines such as Nanotechnology, Mechatronics, Bio-engineering, Electronics and Computer science. Embedded systems are combination of hardware and software systems with a dedicated function within a mechanical or electrical system. It is either fixed in capability or is programmable to perform a special function. Programming interfaces are provided to Embedded Systems that are programmable.

What can a candidate do after Complete Training?

  1. DIY: Autonomous Robots
  2. DIY: Human controlled bots (Fantastic Five)
    1. Android Controlled
    2. Mobile DTMF controlled
    3. Computer Controlled
    4. RF controlled
    5. Quadcopters
  3. DIY: Raspberry setup and Using of GPIO
    1. Using Python
    2. Using Processing3

What’s in the Kit?

S.No Component Quantity
1 Fiber or Metallic Chessis 1
2 Caster Wheel 1
3 Motors 2
4 Wheels 2
5 Motor Driver 1
6 Batteries 2
7 Connectors 2
8 Jumper Wires(Mix) 30
9 Bluetooth Module 1
10 LEDs 10
11 Double Tape 1
12 Bright LED 1
13 Arduino Nano or Uno 1
14 Bread Board 1
15 Single Channel Relay 1
16 IR Sensors 2
17 Screw Driver 1
18 Fittings packet 1


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