CyberCure DIY: Basic Robotics Kit


Ideal Gift for Kids of Age 10 Years and Above

Best and Easy to assemble Robotics kit for Curious Learners. You can make more that 10 Robotics Project using this KIT.


This kit can be used for multiple robotics projects like:

  1. Line follower
  2. Route changer
  3. Obstacle Finder
  4. Edge Finder

Kit Contains:

1 Chassis
2 Wheels
1 Caster Wheel
1 Pack of Fittings
1 Screw Driver
2 Motor
15 Jumper Cables
1 Arduino
2 Proximity/IR Sensors Module
2 Batteries
1 L293D Motor Driver Module
1 Manual with Arduino code and How to use

Note: material in kit can differ in size and color as displayed in Image.


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